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How do I encrypt information on Dropbox or Google Drive and still get automatic synchronization

  1. Create a directory where you put the unencrypted information that you want to synchronize with Dropbox or Google Drive or similar service.

  2. Create a directory that is synchronized by Dropbox or Google Drive. (For example ~/Dropbox/encrypted)

  3. Create an AutoEncrypt that synchronize your unencrypted directory with the directory that Dropbox and Google Drive will synchronize in turn.
  4. Setup AutoEncrypt in the same way (same key etc) on each computer that you want to access the data synchronized by Dropbox or Google Drive. 
  5. As soon as a file is created or updated (or removed) it will be automatically encrypted. Dropbox/Google Drive will distribute it to each machine you have set up. On each machine with AutoEncrypt, it will be decrypted and the exact same content will be available on these machines.


  6. This will work in reverse as well, so changes done other machine will be distributed to all other machine you have set up. Unless you have ticked the read only checkbox, which will block any attempt to distribute changes to that directory.

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